The Time Gap One Must Adhere To Between Eating & Exercise

by Charlene Flanagan

This is probably the biggest question on every weight watcher’s mind—how long should one wait to exercise after a meal? The truth is, spacing your meals out throughout the day doesn’t really make a difference when you’re thinking calories. However, your eating habits do have a big impact on your workout performance.

Not only can poor eating habits hinder your performance, if you have a big meal, there’s a good chance you’ll be left feeling sluggish, and might experience some indigestion too.

What’s The Ideal Time Gap?
No matter when you choose to workout, make sure you give yourself at least two hours between a meal and exercise (it would depend on the nature and quantity of the meal).

However, if the time between your last meal and workout exceeds three hours, then experts recommend a small snack an hour prior to working out. This will properly fuel your body and give you the necessary energy you need to get in a good workout.

Make sure that whatever snack you choose is a healthy mix of carbs and protein that’s under 200 calories.

For those who are unsure of what they should eat, try these healthy smoothies or pick from our list of five pre-workout snacks that will supercharge you.

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