This Is The Perfect Workout For Busy Parents

by Stephen Holt
On the season finale of our original series The Big Fat Truthhost JD Roth enlists the help of a celebrity trainer to help a group of out-of-shape moms discover a new workout. Each of our guests' jaws dropped when she walked into the room. 

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The Moms' Surprise Celebrity Trainer

As the mothers on The Big Fat Truth worked through their 90-day weight-loss challenge with JD Roth, they got some extra motivation from celebrity trainer Heidi Powell—former transformation specialist on the show Extreme Weight Loss. 

Powell put the moms through a HIIT workout—High Intensity Interval Training—which consists of short bursts of intense physical exercises, performed repeatedly. Powell told us, "I love HIIT for moms, because it allows us to cover more ground in less time! It's all about killing as many birds with one stone as possible." 

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Heidi Powell's Perfect Workout For Busy Parents

Knowing the intense demands that come with motherhood herself, Powell curated this workout with the busy parent in mind. She sells it pretty well, saying, "It's just 15 minutes of actual workout, who doesn't have 15 minutes? Wake up earlier, do it while your kids nap. Heck, put them in front of the TV for a few minutes."

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Perform The Following Steps EMOM—Every Minute On The Minute

3 Rounds Of The Following: 

Minute 1: 15 Wall Balls—squatting, and tossing a medicine ball against a wall, with resistance band around angles. 
Minute 2: 15 Slam Balls—standing, taking a medicine ball over your head with two hands, and swinging it down, bouncing it off the ground in front of you, then catching it.
Minute 3: 15 Planks-To-Bridges—hold yourself in a plank position—back and chest straight—and push yourself up into a bridge position, finishing with your arms straight. 
Minute 4: 15 Banded Side Hops—Place resistance band around ankles, and spread far enough to feel resistance. Hop back and forth, over a cone or other small obstacle.
Minute 5: Burn 10 Calories On A Bike—Hop on a stationary bike, or other cardio machine, and sprint for one minute, or until you burn ten calories.
Rest for 1 minute. 

Why This Is The Workout For Busy Parents

HIIT Training has infinite variations, so you can practice this efficient and effective workout as much as you want without getting bored. Additionally, Powell likes this workout for busy parents, because she says, "It stimulates the hormone release that will give you a metabolic afterburn. In other words, your body will burn fat for hours after your workout is over." 

She added on that this workout, "Focuses on the muscle groups that will create the most aesthetically pleasing physique. You might feel like you have a little layer now that you are trying to burn off, but once that layer is gone, you'll notice nice sculpted shoulders, a tapered waistline, and a perky butt!" 

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