This Hilarious Hello Parody Is Dedicated To Weight Watchers Everywhere

by Charlene Flanagan

I’ve been a weight watcher most of my adult life. I’ve never been one to exercise, and if I do take on a workout program, I just about manage to get my butt to the gym for like, three days a week. 

Let's get real. I can't think of any sane person who would willingly trade their cookies and pizza for a kale smoothie. Yes, you can give me the whole 'self-sacrificing for a better tomorrow' mumbo jumbo, but what about today? I'm alive and kicking, and goddamit I want some mayo with my fries!

Now I'm not here to deter those who can and are; kudos to you for having amazing willpower. As for the rest of us mortals, here's a video that's going viral on YouTube, where a weight watching couple dishes out a parody of Adele's Hello, as they call out to their favorite foods.

You'll ROFL at the lyrics, not just because they're hilarious, but because they're so shamelessly true.

"Hello, can you save me?
I'm in calisthenics dreamin' about Netflix and Mickey Ds..

With such passion and intensity in their voice, you'd almost imagine Dustin and Genevieve's Hello Cravings was a ballad dedicated to the love of their life.

Well, I've always said, if you must take a lover, take one who brings you wine and cheese. :- )  Click here in case you can't view the video. 

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