How To: Do Leg Lifts To Work The Inner Thighs

by Trina Remedios

Let’s make one thing clear. We’re not here to promote the thigh gap. This move is purely for shapely legs, so that those with excess fat in the area, who suffer chafing and friction burns in the hotter months, can ease their discomfort. While there are many home remedies to tackle the burn, including this workout move in your routine is a step towards getting fit and limiting the friction.

All you need is a mat, an exercise ball and a firm hold to execute this strength training move. It’s time to trim the fat, so place that exercise ball between your ankles and hold on to it with your feet:


Step 1: Lie on your right side with your hand folded, as you rest your head on it. You can also just stretch it up and out. Keep your left arm on your hip, or alternately cross it over your body and plant your palm on the floor to support yourself.

Step 2: Now, lift both legs towards the ceiling. Then, get back to starting position.

Do 3 sets of 15 reps of this exercise to really work those inner thigh muscles, and then change sides. The move also engages your glutes and core, and gives you great stability.

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