How To Transform Your Body With Your Mind

by Ajableu Oldham

J.D. Roth knows a thing or two about weight loss. The American television producer and former host of The Biggest Loser has helped countless men and women confront their weight loss struggles and get serious about change.

It isn't easy. Along with the harrowing, intense cardio drills and the lean, nutrient-rich diet plans come a psychological training program that's just as rigorous. But according to Roth, this emotional workout is the true catalyst for lasting psychological change that makes for true transformation.

In his recent book The Big Fat Truth, Roth offers an intense examination of the mind-body connection. Ultimately, Roth explains that your body is a reflection of your mind. And in order to keep off the pounds, you must take a close look at what is happening in your mind. 

Roth offers readers of all shapes and sizes an opportunity to change their lives by getting to the bottom of what's truly 'eating them up.' In fact, his penetrating rhetoric is sharp enough to cut through just about any bad physical habit - be it smoking, drinking, or sheer laziness. But what lies at the root of so many bad phsyical habits is a pain that needs to be mended.

Maybe you succeeded at being a great mom and failed to take care of yourself. It could be something deeper... big, small, or somewhere in between-whatever it is, you have to deal with it if you want to lose weight. Again, it goes back to what's in your heart and head. Figure out what's eating you, and the pounds will melt off. 

After slicing through a mound of excuses, coping mechanisms, and bad habits, Roth invites you to redesign your life, starting with your headspace. The book invites you to create a mantra, keep a journal, and analyze your habits. Then the tough part, you're asked to keep these promises to youself.  

Say it out loud to yourself as you are taking off your shoes and kicking your feet up on the couch instead of going for a walk.

JD RothBy keeping your promises and committing to your new mindset, you will bypass the feelings of shame that are associated with failure and weight loss. Weight loss and emotional mending go hand-in-hand, so along with your new mindset comes a commitmtent to exercise. Getting serious about your habits, finding an exercise regimin that works, and cultivating good eating habits can help address the heartache that you may be carrying inside yourself; thus helping you work toward a slimmer, healthier body.

Weight loss does not have to feel extreme; it can be done in simple, actionable, and realistic steps that work for you. But what it does take is determination and committment. At the end of the book, Roth offers a convenient and easy to follow 30-day lifestyle plan in the book's final chapter Thirty Days To The Life You're Dreaming Of. It begins with a simple, 30-minute walk after dinner. Easy enough, right? 

Don't worry about speed; don't worry about distance. No data other than time. Just walk. Go out 15 minutes, come back 15 minutes. Now from this day forward, do this every night....What you want to do is createa  habit.

The steps continue along this simple and doable progression. On Day 15, Roth gives you a simple mind trick to help readjust your mindset: he suggests using a smaller bowl and plate for your dinner meal, in order to play with your perception of how much you are eating. It's kind of trippy, but by using a smaller bowl, you may actually consume fewer calories without really trying.

Day 30 is a day of reflection and honesty. He writes, "knowing that you did your best on a given day - or admitting to yourself that you didn't will free you to move forward." Honesty and self-assessment, Roth explains, will allow for personal assessement and forgiveness. He also encourages you to relax. Ultimately, you are allowed to be proud of yourself for trying, and make room for growth in the future.

Often carrying excess weight is not really about the weight; it's about something deeper going on inside that you just haven't been able to deal with yet. The Big Fat Truth is a tough-love consultation with J. D. Roth that requires real action. It examines how you may use food as a vessel to swallow past pain, stress, and life challenges. But by pushing through, you may just a healthier, happier you.

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