I Tried Cardio Barre — Here's Why You Should Too

by Ajableu Oldham
I recently began taking Cardio Barre, a trendy ballet-inspired workout that combines barre work and weight lifting, with studios in 7 states and counting. I’m a get-it-over-with-on-the-treadmill kind of girl, so a barre class for my cardio seemed like a nice change — and barre workouts have been all the rage among fitness fanatics. Little did I know that this seemingly graceful fitness class would whip me into shape.

Here's What You Can Expect In a Cardio Barre Class:

Cardio Barre is a high-energy cardio routine, and trust me, it'll make you sweat. My 60-minute class focused on the butt, legs, torso, and arms, using modified barre and ballet techniques aimed to sculpt and elongate muscles. It integrates fun dance movements that require a bit of coordination, but can be quickly picked up.

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The dance movements were fun, and made me wish that I had taken ballet when I was younger (so that the ballet techniques would come more easily!) The day after my class, I was as stiff as the Tin Man in need of oil. No joke. I had not stretched, before nor after the class. The muscles in my thighs and buttocks and calves tightened and I could barely walk for days.

The muscles are worked in a way that is completely different from what I do at the gym. Where squats and lunges have bulked up my muscles, the barre exercise strengthened muscles that I otherwise didn't target, such as quads and calves.

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Cardio Barre For All Ages, Sizes, and Abilities

There were women of all shapes and sizes in the class – some women were heavier, some were older than 60, some were regulars with tight, built bodies, and there were even a few men. No one was unable to do the exercises, but we were all feeling the burn – even the class pros.

I am now discovering that ballet is an exercise in postural alignment, muscle and joint flexibility, and essential muscular strength building, all exercises my body craves after sitting at my desk all day. Flexibility, I realize, is so important and helpful to my body. In fact, the exercises are certainly more low-impact than my old treadmill routine.

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Taking this class made me realize that dance is an excellent form of exercise. I highly suggest it if you’re looking for a low-impact, strengthening, aligning exercise routine. Give it a try yourself!

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Tell us in the comments: Have you ever tried a trendy barre workout? What did you think?

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