This New Fitness Trend Involves Napping At The Gym (And It Works!)

by Brandon Topp

"You can lose weight while sleeping." Sounds good, but napping the pounds away is sort of a classic, infomercial-esque, too-good-to-be-true type of promise. Right?

Yet European fitness firm David Lloyd is selling this dream in Britain, with a new “napercise” class to be offered at its gyms across Europe. Equally surprising, the concept of losing weight and improving your fitness from a nap actually kind of works. 

We're always on the hunt for little fitness life hacks to live a longer, healthier life, as that's a major premise of our intense show Change The Day You Die. In the series, people work with a specialist to break away from damaging habits (which could range from overeating to not getting enough sleep) to ultimately extend their lives. Find out when to watch the show and where you can tune in. 

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This Is How David Lloyd’s Napercise Classes Could Improve Your Fitness:

These napercise classes are designed to offer a safe and easy escape for exhausted parents. Instead of a studio filled with mats or stationary bikes, there's sleep zones filled beds.

Sleep expert Kathryn Pinkham, a collaborator on the project, explained the goal for the program to the BBC , saying, “We tend to focus on the short-term effects such as being tired or lacking concentration, but it is also essential for our long-term physical and mental wellbeing too.” 

Additionally, napercise classes aim to help you burn calories by dropping studios to a temperature that promotes calorie-burning during sleep. 

Now, you might be wondering, how cold does it have to be for me to burn calories? Will I even be able to sleep? Not to worry. Though it’s not clear what exact temperature these napercise studios will be set to, new research shows that just getting a little bit chilly can be good for your health. 

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You Can Improve Your Metabolism By Turning Down The Thermostat. 

A recent piece from Time reports on a new paper from Building Research & Information that claims fluctuating indoor temperatures is good for your metabolism and may help fight obesity and diabetes. To answer the above worries about sleep studios getting too chilly, the article says, “The authors don’t suggest dramatic changes in comfort level, but they do say that exposure to mildly cold and warm environments may have real health benefits.”

So, try and set your house temp to 60 degrees Fahrenheit if you normally live at 70. Or, if you’re already a cold weather sleeper, than maybe mix in some slightly warmer nights, as just fluctuating is said to improve your blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolism, according to a slew of studies cited in the Building Research & Information paper. The other option is to go to Europe and attend one of these napercise classes.

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What If I Find The Idea Of Napping At The Gym To Be A Little, Er, Gross? 

No worries at all, there will be a trial period where prospective “students” will wait to see how sanitary and sleep-friendly these classes are at home. Luckily, when you can find someone to watch the kids for just 45-minutes, you can always turn on a fan, close the door, and take a nap. It’s worth it. 

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