Our Favorite Ab Workout Tutorial This Spring-Summer

by Charlene Flanagan
Summer’s going to be upon us soon and that means everyone will be sporting beachwear, shorts, dresses and an enviable body tone. Stay ahead of the game with this workout that's designed to melt stubborn fat and get rid of that bulging belly to make way for ripped abs and a strong core.  

We've been training with Max Barry’s 10-minute cardio bootcamp (love bootcamps!) for a stronger body and amped-up endurance levels. But, before we delve into the video, let’s first find out exactly who Max Barry is.

The owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp, he is a bundle of energy who is always radiating positivity and sharing motivational quotes. He’s managed to transform people’s bodies and change their lives for the better, helping them to achieve their goals with his easy-to-follow video tutorials. Case in point: The ab-tastic workout we've been talking about and can't get enough of:

A Step-By-Step Of The Routine For You To Pin-Up

Burn calories with the 10-minute cardio workout to lose belly fat; no equipment needed, you can do this anywhere. The intense at-home HIIT cardio and abs routine consists of eight exercises that come together to form a high intensity circuit. 

Set your interval timer to intervals of 60:15. Complete 1 round of this 10-minute intense cardio and ab workout routine. You can double or triple it for a 20 or 30 minute workout as well. 

0:45 - 1. Double Trouble (10 x 10 Sprinter/Mountain Climbers)
2:00 - 2. Reachers
3:15 - 3. Side to Side Plank Knee Tucks
4:30 - 4. Floor To Sky
5:45 - 5. Plank Jacks
7:00 - 6. Burpees
8:15 - 7. Plyo lunges
9:30 - 8. High Low Heel Clicks

If you love what you just saw, go to Max's Best Bootcamp YouTube channel for other workout routines that can help you get in shape this spring-summer.

PS: He serves them up with a side of incredibly healthy recipes for the weight watcher.

Image Via Instagram/Max Barry
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