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Have you ever had a best friend who was fit, hardworking, and gorgeous? And she made you feel great because she was completely on your side, totally supportive and always pushing you toward your life goals? For us at Z Living, that's Anna Renderer, host of PopSugar's Class FitSugar (coming to Z Living network July 5 at 5PM EDT / 2PM PDT). We, along with millions of other online fans, adore Anna's bright smile and encouraging demeanor, which comes in handy while she's whipping us into shape during one of her concise and butt-kicking workouts! We're obsessed.

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Anna took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of our questions. We've discovered so much about her. Get a sneak peek of what's in store for season one of Class FitSugar here!

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1. Please share a little bit about how you got started in fitness and TV.

My first job out of college, I was hired as a personal trainer.

The owner of the studio, Todd Durkin was one of the top trainers in the country and he became my biggest mentor. He was also the first person to invite me on camera to help him shoot his 7 DVD Sports Performance Training Series. During my 6 years working with Todd, I was on set with him for almost every fitness video he created, gaining more confidence, skill and love for this craft. I quickly began shooting my own series of YouTube video's as well as producing 3 of my own fitness DVDs.

The year I was called to audition for the The Biggest Loser in Malibu was when I decided to move to LA from San Diego to pursue my dream of having my own fitness show.  

2. We absolutely adore PopSugar Fitness. What's a typical day like on set?

class-fitsugarHeading into the studio for a fitness shoot is so much fun! I get there about 45 minutes before we're set to roll!

Then I go to wardrobe to pick something colorful and fun that suits the theme of our workout. My head producer is always upbeat and excited for the shoot which I appreciate so much!

As I'm getting my hair and makeup done, we discuss the intro of the workout and I rehearse the routine in my head as if I'm teaching. Or I read through the moves provided by the visiting expert. On set, we have a young and fun camera crew, who are always cracking jokes, telling stories and keeping the energy high. I honestly couldn't ask for a better environment.

They usually have the set ready when the talent and I arrive. We all walk through the workout moves once so they can frame us up and then we're  mic'd and ready to go. Usually we shoot a quick 20 second intro and then cut for the workout. Most workouts are done in just one take. We only stop if a mic pack falls out or someone's wardrobe malfunctions.  

Other than that it's one and done! We swig some water and take some still photos for post. I always love grabbing some candid pics and selfies with the expert and talent on set for social media as well. Depending on the day, we shoot at least two videos so we break for a minute and then head back in for video number 2! 

3. You mention in your blog that you used to dream of having your own fitness series like Jane Fonda. Who are some of your other idols?

Yes! Jane Fonda is amazing and such a pioneer in this space. Some of my other idols include my mom, who raised 6 kids as a single parent while going through nursing school and working part time. I never complain about work or hardship after growing up in her house.

I also idolize Oprah Winfrey for the impact she has made in this world and continues to make as she keeps evolving and contributing her talents in new ways. Last but not least, a leader in the personal development space, Brendon Burchard is one of my biggest idols as well. His work has changed my life and impacted millions, I aspire to make that kind of impact one day as well. 

Check out Anna's Instagram for more inspiration!

4. In your blog, you talk a lot about personal growth and empowerment for women.​ What is a common internal struggle you've witnessed as a fitness expert?

A common internal struggle I've witnessed is a lack of self-belief or self-acceptance. So many women act as their own worst enemy by focusing more on faults or imperfections instead of embracing strengths. Women need to start being their own biggest cheerleader. 

5. With that in mind, what are some ways we as women can help lift each other up, rather than put each other down?

Women can help lift each other up by eliminating negative self-talk to have a healthier and more positive mindset. When we work on our own personal growth, we are more capable of helping and leading others to do the same. In essence, we need to work on becoming our best selves in order to be a great friend or role model for others.  

6. I'm so embarrassed to admit that I don't work out enough. What are your workout suggestions for women and men working long hours who are too exhausted at the end of the day to exercise?

I always suggest trying to at minimum go for a 10-20 minute walk. This could be during a lunch break or after dinner. Getting at least a brisk walk for exercise will boost energy levels and also help the body sleep better at night. On days when exercise and activity is minimal I also suggest eating clean and not to overeat.

7. What's your secret? What's the quickest way to having a bikini body?

There really is no way to quickly have a bikini body. My secret is consistency. I consistently practice several healthy habits everyday that help me sustain and enhance my fitness regularly. Of course I indulge on the occasional pizza, pasta and desserts but I don't have multiple days or weeks of unhealthy behaviors. 

8. What is your absolute favorite guilty pleasure food? 

Pasta Carbonara. 

Catch Class FitSugar on Z Living ​on July 5th at 5 PM EST.

Featured Image Source: POPSUGAR Fitness
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