Briana Christine's Post-Pregnancy Workouts For A Bikini Body

by Trina Remedios
Not everyone's blessed with Gisele Bündchen-esque genetics so getting your pre-pregnancy figure back can be overwhelming. Bikini body mommy Briana Christine rescues all struggling new moms byvlogging workouts that helped her lose 100lb  in one year after the birth of her third child.  Briana recently had her fourth child, so we invite you to join her in the post pregnancy workout regime. Feeling inspired? Well, that's exactly why she's our Fitness Star Of The Week.
briana christine
What We Love: Briana Christine is a certified trainer who motivates her viewers and clients to lead a healthy lifestyle over being scale obsessed. Her  success story proves it can be done if you give yourself enough time to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy shape. After four kids, her mommy body had stretched to varied proportions which she managed to restore back to bikini-ready form through workouts and healthy eating. It's not just her vlog, but also her book—Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint—that has our seal of approval.
briana christine
What You Will Love: The 90-Day challenge is prime content for those who are looking for a regulated plan to lose weight after child birth. It gives a day-by-day breakdown of exercises targeted at fat loss and skin toning, and is supplemented with cues to eat the right kind of foods in order to sculplt your body. Most importantly, the 90-Day challenge also works as a support system that you can share with other moms.Briana invites you to be part of her world and encourages you to lose weight with her in real time.
She touches upon real struggles of new mommies who may have excess skin, back fat, arm wobble and other body issues that come with the mom bod. Relatable and easy to follow, the YouTuber makes for a great case for mommies who have had more than one pregnancy and are carrying weight that refuses to leave.
A bonus video which you can opt to watch includes Briana's experience on having a water birth at home. If you've ever considered the option, this vlog will put things in perspective. It is a well-documented birthing process that will put all those questions to rest.

Briana keeps things real which is why we follow her on YouTube. It's not just about the bikini body, it's about acknowledging that women have insecurities about their bodies after childbirth, and there are ways to reclaim your pre-pregancy body in a healthy way.

If you know other moms that inspire and would like for us to feature them our site, drop their names in the comments section below.

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