PopSugar Workout Playlist: Core Workout

by Z Living Gal
Summer is in full swing, and this week, it’s all about your core. Everybody wants to lose weight fast and flaunt that bikini body. And while having fitness goals is one thing, putting in the hard work is a different story. That's where POPSUGAR celebrity trainer Anna Renderer comes to your rescue. She'll challenge your body with ab workouts and core exercises and Pilates to keep you at upiroptimum level of physical fitness. 

With so much anticipation for Class FitSugar premiering on July 5 at 5PM on Z living, we couldn't help but put together our own video playlist. Get pumped with this 20-minute video playlist.

Stubborn To The Core

No matter how you feel about strength training, neglecting core work is a serious no-no! When your ab and back muscles are equally strong, they work together to support your entire body in almost every activity, from running to gardening. This quick core exercise works your abs from all angles and targets the back and glutes, too. Get ready to feel the burn in your core, the POPSUGAR way! Here’s a tutorial that will dedicate 15 minutes to engaging your core.

Run That Core-se

A core workout for runners! Designed for anyone wanting a flat stomach — and strong, sexy back muscles, you only need 5 minutes for this quick video workout that burns so good once you're done. You'll strengthen all the muscles around your abdominals, obliques, and spine, leaving you feeling balanced the next time you're out for a long run. Here’s a workout that’s quick and effective, and allows you to pair it with other workouts, too!

Have any more of your favorites from Popsugar Fitness? Or have your own favorite core toning moves? Share with the group in the comments below. 

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and don't forget to tune in to Class FitSugar on July 5 at 5PM! 

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