POPSUGAR Workout Playlist: Yoga

by Z Living Gal
Check in to Class FitSugar every Friday at 5pm EST for this season's hottest at home workout series. Class FitSugar offers challenging at home workouts that will help keep you moving while adding lean, calorie burning muscle to your frame for that bikini body you've been dreaming for..

POPSUGAR Fitness has been abolutely killing it with their snack-sized workout videos, so we wanted to bring you a couple of our favorite fitness videos from their channel. We've compiled a series of videos for you to choose from. Each workout targets a critical muscle group for you to develop that bikini body that you've always wanted. For more exercises, click here.

This yoga-inspired ab workout features celebrity yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber. Although only five minutes long, we were impressed by how much it engaged our core and worked out those ab muscles. Although, you can’t really do a work out in the office in front of your co-workers (there was just too much laughing in our case), you might be able to secretly squeeze this in while everyone else is at a meeting. :-)

Take a look:


The second is a routine that promises to “blast calories” in eight minutes flat. You may have heard of these Tabata workouts before, which are designed to engage all core muscle groups in under ten minutes. To be sure, the video isn’t for the feint of heart, but it is a fantastic way to squeeze in a workout if you’re feeling like you just don’t have time.

Take a look:

Study after study tells us that exercise is the single best way to promote longevity and keep you healthy. Now you have no excuse but to get moving! 
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