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Check in to Class FitSugar premiering on July 5 at 5PM for this season's hottest at home workout series. Class FitSugar offers challenging at home workouts that will help keep you moving while adding lean, calorie burning muscle to your frame for that bikini body you've been dreaming for.

Have you met show host Anna Renderer? We asked her all of our most pressing questions, including how she stays so fit and so cute. Does she ever cheat or is she a living fitness goddess? Her answers will suprise you. Read it here.

Enjoy Class FitSugar alongside Anna's Workout Buddies. In this Insta-community, you'll gain access to extended workouts and new routines, get new tips from Anna, and get some series workout inspiration. Check it out! Tag a workout selfie w hashtag #ANNASWORKOUTBUDDIES and you're in!

Discover Our POPSUGAR Fitness Workout Video Playlist

If you're looking for some fun and effective at Class-fitsugarhome workout inspiration, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a series of videos for you to choose from, courtesy of POPSUGAR Fitness. Each workout targets a critical muscle group for you to develop that bikini body that you've always wanted.

First up, we have a Stretching Workout Playlist for you to try. Begin your morning with yoga poses for maximum energy, health and wellness. For the ambitiuous gals who put in those long hours at the office, don't neglect your stretch routine! We compiled a few stretching exercises that target those neglected inner thighs and hamstrings. I personally love POPSUGAR Fitness's splits routine featuring Mandy Ingber. Try those stretches for 30 days and watch your splits get wider and wider!

Next, you've got to try our Butt & Thigh Remix, which targets your inner thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and more. If you hit this playlist a few times a week can you imagine how fierce your legs will look as you strut down the beach - or anywhere? 

Sculpt a Rockhard Core with this at home workout routine from POPSUGAR Fitness. This quick core exercise works your abs from all angles and targets the back and glutes, too. Get ready to feel the burn in your core, the POPSUGAR way! Here’s a tutorial that will dedicate 15 minutes to engaging your core.

Tone your abs in just 5 minutes with this Brisk Yoga Sequence. This yoga-inspired ab workout features celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber. Although only five minutes long, we were impressed by how much it engaged our core and worked out those ab muscles.
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