Health Soup Helps You Get On Track With Chi Running

by Trina Remedios
Ever heard of Chi running? It's an interesting mix where you incorporate the flow of energy and movement of Tai Chi into running. Sounds cool, right? Soon, you realize your posture is so much better, your muscles feel strong and defined, and you never want to go for a run without adding some Chi to the mix.

You'll be so addicted, you'll want to rope everyone in, right from your partner, to your little pooch, your group of friends, or even the familiar faces at the park. In fact, your folks can get with the program, too. Chi running/walking (a milder form for seniors) is super convenient because it requires no specialized fitness gear or equipment, and is really easy on the joints. 

For those who are curious, our Health Soup host David Price met up with expert David Stretanski for a beginner's class, which minimizes impact and reduces the stress on one's body. It's actually quite fun and easy. Watch and learn:

It Totally Works!
Adaptable to suit those with heart conditions and joint injuries, the light-to-moderate exercise form keeps your heart pulsating consistently, eliminating drastic fluctuations which could otherwise be fatal for seniors. In fact, research studies suggest Tai Chi and leg-strengthening exercises are great for lower extremity training (LET) and can significantly reduce falls among older adults. 

We ❤: Working not just your legs, but your core too, chi running is a good way get in a full-body workout if you throw in some arm movements (basic swinging is good enough). What's great is that it doesn't feel as strenuous and draining as a regular run or treadmill workout, but is just as exhilarating and refreshing. 

With an introduction to shamanic and herbal healing thrown in for good measure, we're taking cues from this episode of Health Soup to align our Chi with the universe as ​Stretanski teaches you how to nail the moves of this low-impact walking/running style. Care to give it a shot?
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