She's 86 And Still Dominating The Parallel Bars

by Z Living Staff

Have you ever looked at an eldery woman and wondered if she was a secret ninja? Well, you might have to start. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Johanna Quass. At 86 years-old, the German-born Miss Quass is the Guinness World Record holder for “World’s Oldest Gymnast!” She has been a gymnast for 80 years. In other words, she’s been doing it since she was 7 years old!

The video is incredible. Watching her strength and fluidity is an inspiration, for sure. But what really inspired us was that she gave up gymnastics for a bit while she moved and pursued her career as a gym teacher. We just love this part because it reminds us that when it comes to sports, it’s never too late to get back into it.

When asked about how it felt to be a World Record holder, she said she loves that “special and extreme people are being recognized. I hope my record inspires others to realize it’s never too late to try something new.
We have to give her props. What a fantastic example of how to live a healthy life.
PS. This video was so delightful, we wanted to find another one. Take a look at her on the floor below:
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