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by Trina Remedios

Calling out to all women from around the world. After their popular #BetterForIt ad campaigns, Nike's now launched the NikeWomen Victory Tour, which is touted to be the largest women’s event series in the world.

Master trainers from their two arms, Nike+ Run Club (NRC), and Nike+ Training Club (NTC), come together to design race tracks that will help you get fit, embrace a healthy lifestyle, stay motivated and be #BetterForIt!

All set to kickstart on 13th March at Nagoya in Japan, this promotional tour filled with sporting activities across the seven continents will run until September, and yes, it will make its way to Los Angeles, too (dates to be decided).

What To Expect
The NikeWomen Victory Tour includes a 10K marathon conducted by the NRC, and five-hour long training sessions by the NTC. And it's not just about the run; participants will have full access to the NRC coaches for advice, tips and consultation, and there will even be sports bra fitting counters for those of you in the wrong strap size. Also, you will be able to sample the latest in tech and gadgets by Nike.

Training for the marathons will be provided by Nike, who use an array of endurance workouts to improve stamina, and even include spin class, boxing lessons, and yoga routines (recovery workout) set in large open spaces.

One needn't be a pro athlete, a runner, or a gym enthusiast, even. First timers will have access to new and exciting fitness programs through the Nike+ Running App and the NTC App for when they want to train on their own terms.

To create buzz, the sporting brand has even released an eight-part series of webisodes called Margot vs Lily - A Better For It Production. The tale of two women, one a social butterfly with zero will to workout, and the other a fitness enthusiast with no friends, focuses on how they cope when they resolve to swap lives.

Now, while the episodes are being rolled out in a staggered manner until the main event, the premise focuses on how one can be the best version of themselves without discounting any part of their lives. Ever felt the need to skip the post-work beer fest because you're on a diet? Also, how many of us have no time for the gym because we've got too much going on with our friends and family.

Nike says, "It'll all workout in the end." Well, on that positive note, let's catch one of their web-isodes:

PS: LA folks, here's where you can sign up to be part of the NikeWomen Victory Tour.

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