GPS Doodles Put Cyclist Stephen Lund On The Map

by Karishma Roye
Okay, so we're totally in love with cyclist (turned artist) Stephen Lund.

This guy just made the most intense fitness activity—cycling—the most charming thing in the world!

Say hello to the Art Peddler; he's not selling Monets and Picassos on the underground market, he's putting himself on the map with GPS doodles—all created by the wheels on his bike.

You've All Seen GPS Doodles, You Just Don't Know It

Mapping your ride is so common these days. Give it a closer look and if you let your imagination run wild enough, you will discover shapes, personas and pictures in the marked red lines of your Sat-Nav or Google Maps, much like you do when you're looking up at clouds. Anyways, that's what sparked the idea and had Stephen Lund come up with GPS Doodles.

Along with performance analytics—miles, elevation, moving time and calorie burn—his GPS tracker documented his cycling route which could be used to make fun imagery that's worth sharing; just for comic relief, if nothing else.

What began with him wishing the world a 'Happy 2015' last New Year by uploading his planned cycling track on the streets of Victoria, has now accumulated a collection of Google Doodles, each one more refined and detailed than the last. Take a look at his giraffe (115km), or even the Mermaid of The Salish Sea which had him cycling for 220km. And then there was the 40km ride for the T Rex which had him going all around Beacon Hill Park. Cool, right?

Creating Your Own GPS Doodles

  • First things first, you need to be able to see the bigger picture. Take a road map of your city and using a red sharpie, draw in the routes to be see which main and smaller roads connect where.
  • Mounting this little baby on a wall will help you stand back and visualize the many shapes and forms within these margins. Do you see a three tier cake? A basketball? It could even be as simple as finding a route to make a square for your window pane.
  • Once you've found your image and figured out your route, just strap that GPS tracker to your cycle and ride along to create your very own GPS Doodle.
It needn't look like a work of art; it's a doodle, have fun with it. Share it on Instagram or whatever, that's kind of the whole point. You're no longer cycling to exercise; you're going the extra mile to put your doodle on the map and then show it off. We love the idea, don't you? 

Images via Instagram/roadrashyyj
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