7 Reasons Why CrossFit Can Change Your Life

by Danielle Holden

On Z Living’s original series Sweat The City, host Adrianne Ho stops by one of Toronto’s best workout centers to find out what makes CrossFit workouts so special. Inspired by watching the episode, we decided to dig in and find seven examples of how CrossFit can change your life. 

To find out how Adrianne Ho’s CrossFit adventures go, check out Sweat The City. Find out where you can tune in.

1. It Invites You Into A Community

CrossFit is a community unlike any other workout scene. These short-circuit, high-intensity workouts thrive on group inspiration. Everyone has to work their butt off individually, but that comes a lot easier when you’re surrounded by peers who are in the same boat. It’s also a great way to make health-conscious friends who will keep you coming back for more. 

2. CrossFit Puts Fitness In Your Hands

CrossFit has the benefits of taking a class—i.e. expertise of trainers and peers helping you along the way—but it also gives you all of the tools you need to take your fitness into your own hands. Knowing the basics of CrossFit lets you pick up with any class, in any city, and curate your own workouts in your own space, on your own time. 

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3. It Will Change Your Definition of A “Workout” 

Danny Oake—founder of the Academy of Lions, featured in video above—said his first CrossFit workout was only fifteen minutes, but it left him exhausted and excited for more. The high-impact, intense nature of CrossFit combined with the culture and scene make it unlike any workout you’ve ever come across. 

4. CrossFit Is A Major Trend

Being part of something trendy does change your life, and it’s totally up to you how that happens. The communal aspect we’ve spoken about is one thing, but CrossFit gives you social media ammo, conversation topics with an ever-growing audience, and insight into other types of workouts like HIIT exercises, and martial arts. 

5. You Can Make A Gym Out Of Anything

A large part of what makes CrossFit effective, is that it relies mostly on body-weight exercises, and the tools it does use are fairly basic. If you get enough experience with CrossFit, you can learn how to make a gym out of your backyard, or almost any other setting. 

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6. CrossFit Is Encouraging 

One of the most inspiring characteristics of the CrossFit scene is how encouraging it is. From the people you’re working out with to the trainers, the vibe is always positive and the message is always clear—keep going!

7. It’s Tried & True, According To Adrianne Ho 

One of the best ways to ensure that a workout is life-changing good before trying it, is to look at the experts. Tune into our original series Sweat The City to find out what sells Adrianne Ho on CrossFit. 

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