How To Make A Gym Out Of Your Own Backyard

by Stephen Holt

On this season of Z Living’s original series Sweat The City, supermodel host Adrianne Ho gets a lesson from fitness icon Massy Arias on how to make a gym out of your own backyard. We took some notes, and put together a little guide on how to do so, but the best way to learn is to check out the show. 

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5 Steps To Making A Useful Gym Out Of Your Backyard

1. Pick A Great Backyard

This first step may seem bizarre, but we don’t all have yards, and all of our yards aren’t necessarily suited for workouts. The point of this guide is to show you how to use the world around you to workout, without having to invest in equipment or gym fees. So, whether it is your backyard, or a nearby park, or some local hiking trails; find somewhere with some space, and natural obstacles to execute your backyard workouts. 

2. Find Your Workout

On Sweat The City, trainer Massy Arias puts host Adrianne Ho through a HIIT workout, which is a style of exercise that consists of short bursts of intense activity—i.e. sprints, steps, push-ups, core exercises. HIIT's general reliance on body exercises makes it a perfect backyard workout. Additionally, most cardio and yoga routines will also work as effective backyard workouts. 

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3. Use What’s Around You

This is the step where you actually make a gym out of your backyard, and it’s really simple. In the above video, you’ll see Massy Arias find a bench for her and Adrianne Ho to use for step-up circuits, push-up circuits, and more. If you’re at your house, you can use a back step, or a staircase for this. In a park, you can utilize any bench you find. 

If you want to get some super basic, super cheap tools to help liven up your backyard, cones are great for organizing sprint sessions, and courses. A rolling ladder is also great for calisthenics, and other cardio and core exercise routines. 

4. Utilize Body-Weight Exercises & Cardio

You’ll notice in the clip of Massy Arias and Adrianne Ho working out at Runyon Canyon for Sweat The City, you don’t really need a proper gym when you’re focused on body-weight exercises and cardio. Sticking to core exercises, short sprints, steps, calisthenics, and yoga makes it pretty easy to make a gym out of any backyard.

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5. The "No Challenge, No Change" Standard

One of the toughest parts of making your backyard into a gym, is making sure that you give yourself a quality workout. Massy Arias makes a great point on the show, when she says that if you’re not feeling challenged, you’re not going to change. It’s a simple benchmark to aspire to, and it’ll keep your backyard workouts honest.

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