The World’s First Under Desk Elliptical Trainer Is Totally Worth It

by Karishma Roye

Take it from someone who hits the gym on the reg, the elliptical is one of the hardest machines to get a turn on. Once on it, I too have been guilty of not stepping off for a good 20 minutes because it’s so much more fun and low-impact than a treadmill.

That’s exactly why an under-your-desk elliptical trainer seems like a much better proposition to me than a treadmill desk. Think about just the ease and comfort of it: can you really hit the right keys on your laptop if you’re walking? 

Well, Cubii is like a mini version of the elliptical machine, minus the handlebars. With just the foot base as part of the design, you can stock it under your work desk or in front of your living room sofa.

The little genius connects with the Cubii app via Bluetooth to track your progress, much like a gym machine would. In fact, as of this month, it can even be synced with your Jawbone and Fitbit devices if that’s how you’d prefer to keep tabs on your distance and calories.

At $347, it’s a lot cheaper than treadmill desks that can cost anywhere between $470 and $2500. It burns about 120 calories per hour, which is not bad considering you’re doing it while comfortably multi-tasking and remaining seated.

According to user reviews, it’s not noisy so usually folks at the office don’t even notice it’s there (in case you were wondering how it fits into the corporate space).

As for me, I can't wait to order my very own Cubii. I often ditch the gym in favor of cocktail hour post work, but hey, at least I’ll have a good calorie burn under my belt (or should I say, desk) now!

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