PopSugar Workout Playlist: Butt & Thigh Remix

by Charlene Flanagan
Bikini body season is upon us and that means we’re pulling out those sun dresses, tiny shorts, swimsuits and thigh-skimming skirts to make a cool and fashionable statement in the heat. With Class Fitsugar premiering July 5 at 5PM on Z Living we've been thinking a lot about just how toned we're going to be. Well luckily you don't have to wait for the premiere, with our playlist you can start reaping the benefit of Anna's expertise here on Z Living. Class FitSugar premieres July 5 at 5PM on Z Living

If you hit this playlist a few times a week can you imagine how fierce your legs will look as you strut down the beach - or anywhere? Let us know your fave moves, or share some of your own with the group in the comments below.

Video We : PopSugar tells it like it is. If you've got cottage cheese thighs, this little routine will help your thigh-round look more toned and firm. Expect to do a mix of exercise moves that employ squat jumps, bicycle turns and spot jogging interspersed with mountain climbers for maximum burn in minimum time (just five minutes). We recommend you start the day strengthening and toning your gams with PopSugar’s Fitness Host Anna Renderer:

Video We : This 10-minute routine that targets the inner thighs is god-sent because that's where most of the sagging fat is stored, right? It's a lot harder to sculpt the area which is exactly why, the ultimate inner thigh workout video is on our  playlist, at least thrice a week. The 13-moves set will leave you breathless but is totally worth it so power up with some scissor jacks, lateral lunges, and sumo squats to feel the burn. 

Video We : Now, the advantage of exercise moves that target you upper thighs and saddlebags are that they help tone your butt and work your obliques (love handles), too. If the perfect 'V' torso or a bubble butt is your source of envy, then it's time to do the quick-step, lateral leg raises, curtsy lunges and the dirty dog with this video. 

Got any favorite exercise moves or videos of your own? 

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