Can You Handle Ruth Bader Ginsberg's 19-Part Workout?

by Brandon Topp

Ruth Bader Ginsburg — aka "RBG," an outspoken justice of the US Supreme Court, one of four female justices appointed, and one tough lady still going strong at the ripe age of 83 — has just revealed one of the secrets of her longevity: Her impressive 19-part workout. RGB's exercise routine involves fitness machines, planks, squats, curls, even medicine ball tosses.

If 83-Year-Old Ruth Bader Ginsberg Can Handle A Workout Like This, Can You?

We're all about excellent exercise (just check out our popular at-home fitness shows like Namaste Yoga, Fitness First Class, and Rock Your Yoga) so we say, Ginsberg's workout is a must try. The Supreme Court justice's comprehensive routine that can be scaled to different experience levels and body types. The difficulty comes from the workout’s vastness and repetition. It’s a true test of will.

The workout is the brainchild of Bryant Johnson, a 52-year-old sergeant who trains Ginsburg and fellow judges Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan. This recent Politico piece, written by a journalist who tried the workout, noted, “Asked earlier this month about the most important person in her life, Ginsburg, who was widowed in 2010 and lost a close friend with the 2016 death of Justice Antonin Scalia, responded, 'My personal trainer.'"

Here’s A Breakdown Of The RBG Workout. Good Luck!

All exercises include 10-13 repetitions, and three sets.

Note that you can do some of these exercises at home, others require a trip to the gym and use of different machines. Unfamiliar with any particular exercise? Ask a trainer at your gym for assistance.

  1. Five minutes on the elliptical machine.
  2. General stretching.
  3. Machine bench press (Ginsberg usually presses 70 pounds, according to Politico).
  4. Leg curl machine.
  5. Leg press machine.
  6. Chest fly machine.
  7. Lat pulldown machine.
  8. Seated rows.
  9. Standing rows.
  10. One-leg squats (that's right, Ginsberg can handle one-leg squats!)
  11. Push-ups. (Start on a wall, or on your knees if needed… Ginsburg did.)
  12. 30-second standard plank.
  13. 30-second sideways planks, each side.
  14. Hip abduction leg raises.
  15. Squats against an exercise ball, against a wall.
  16. Dumbbell curls against an exercise ball set against a wall. (Ginsberg pumps 12 pound weights.)
  17. Platform step-ups.
  18. Squats on an upside-down bosu.
  19. Medicine ball tosses while standing up from a bench, and sitting back down. 
Tell us: Can you make it through her whole routine? Check out a breakdown of the whole workout here. 

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