How To Lose Weight While Cutting Your Exercise Time In Half (Really!)

by Bob Sacamano

Want to cut your exercise time in half ... yet still lose weight? How about trying an exercise that also burns double the fat while you're at it? This all may sound a little too good to be true, but for once, this is no weight loss scam — instead, it's the natural result of interval training. And what's that? It's an exercise technique where you'll alternate periods of high-intensity exercise with low-intensity rest or recovery periods. And what's more, even if you don't absolutely love exercising (and let's be honest, not everyone does!) interval training is an expedient, non-boring way to go about your workout — not to mention, a way to see results fast.

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The Big Fat Truth Host JD Roth On Interval Training


No one knows the benefits of interval training better than JD Roth, host of Zliving's newest unscripted reality weight loss show The Big Fat Truth. The dramatic show explores the real reasons people have trouble losing weight, and show follows everyday heros — overweight teachers, mothers, nurses, and more — through a journey to lose the weight and keep it off. Check out a clip from the show below, and learn more about The Big Fat Truth here.

In his best-selling book of the same name, Roth breaks down why interval training is such an effective exercise method for weight loss, especially when you’re just starting out. In 2008, researchers in Australia had a group of women ride stationary bikes at intervals of 8 seconds of sprinting and 12 seconds of slow riding for a total of 20 minutes. They found that, overall, interval trainers lost more weight and body fat than another group of riders who rode for 40 minutes straight at a consistent speed. That’s half the time for more weight loss. Who doesn’t want that?

In order to successfully interval train, you have to sprint so that your heart rate is over 80% higher than resting. Doing this “creates more mitochondria, to increase the capacity of muscles to burn sugars and fats.” In short, interval training is a speedy way to do what regular exercise does over a longer amount of time.

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Is Interval Training Better Than Other Exercise Techniques?

Interval training has benefits outside of weight loss. Researchers note that interval training packs a powerful punch when it comes to staving off illness and disease. Because mitochondrial capacity is significant for every cell in the body, exercise that targets and improves mitochondrial function—like sprint interval training or high intensity interval training—has a positive effect on every organ system.

When discussing the benefits of interval training, one researcher interviewed by CNN noted, "It reversed many of what we call age-related differences in mitochondrial function and oxidative metabolism."

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So How Do You Get Started On An Interval Training Program?

Interval training is easy. For example: Pick an interval of time that you can sustain a sprint for (say, 10 to 30 seconds) and run, run, run! Then, pick a resting amount of time that doesn’t exceed double that amount, unless you’re moving onto longer sprints that take minutes. You can monitor your heart rate to reach a sprint that exceeds 80% of your resting heart rate, or you can just use your body as an indicator. If you’re too out of breath to talk like you normally would, you’re doing it right.

FYI, don’t sprint so hard that you hurt yourself. Any exertion above your typical exercising pace is enough to be a high interval. You can always work up to a harder, faster sprint, whether you’re running, spinning, swimming, or doing any other form of cardio.

What’s important is that you work in high intensity intervals into your regular workouts enough to make a difference. Once you start, you’ll find that exercising is way more fun. The bonus? It takes even less time.

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