The Story Behind Barre Code, A Fitness Movement

by Danny Cullen

You may have heard of the Barre Code, a ballet barre-inspired workout franchise started by two women who quit corporate jobs to create a new fitness-wellness concept. Today, their studios seem to be opening studios in new parts of the country every day, with some exciting new plans for expansion!

Best friends Ariana Chernin and Jillian Lorenz created the Barre Code to be a gut-busting workout that incorporates three central pillars of body health: cardio, strength training and restoration. All of their workouts are designed with blunt promotion of positivity, self love, and female empowerment. 

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The idea came about on New Years’ Eve back in 2009, when the two met through their then boyfriends (now husbands).  Chernin’s beau proposed a question as to what the guests in attendance had in mind for the New Year, and Jillian thought out a fitness concept that Ariana felt immediately attached to.

The very next day they got together and laid out a business plan. Their goal, according to this Forbes article, was “to create a best in-class fitness program that had a strong focus on personal growth and acceptance.” 

In 2010 they opened their first studio just outside of Chicago. The response was huge. Within the first six months, the two women left their jobs to devote all of their time to Barre Code. By 2012 they had expanded into two new locations, and a year later they had six more.

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Today, they have more than 40 studios in 14 states with 50,000 members. The key, they say, is that the Barre Code is not just the name of the brand. It’s a way of life that is inherently valuable to the studios and the mindset of the people that populate them.

According to Lorenz, “We live by a code of eight values that we refer to as the ‘Actionable 8’. The number eight flipped on its side is the infinity sign and is symbolic to everyone’s journey. We’re pretty deep, huh?” she said in the same Forbes piece. Lorenz continued on to say, “To live by The Barre Code means to be the bright spot in someone’s day, to use fitness to deepen your connection with yourself and those around you, and to make work a positive part of your life.” 

The franchise plans to launch an online presence in 2017, in addition to continuing to expand across the country with an aim to eventually spread overseas. 

Have you tried Barre Code? Tell us about it in the comments. 


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