The New Energy Drink Pro Athletes Can’t Get Enough Of

by Trina Remedios
With protein shakes and green smoothies taking over the fitness space, every day there's a new energy drink on the shelves—each one claiming to be better for you. So, why is it that Al-Farouq Aminu of the Portland Trail Blazers or Kenbrell Thompkins of the New York Jets swear by WTRMLN WTR?

In fact, this sassy-looking energy drink which hit the market in 2013 has quickly ricoheted to success and has found its way into the hands of many NFL and NBA players, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen, and the likes. So, is this the new coconut water for health and fitness enthusiasts? All signs indicate it most certainly could be!  
al-farouq aminu and kenbrell thompkins wtrmln wtr

What's In A Bottle Of WTRMLN WTR?

At $4.99 a bottle, this 90-calorie beverage has all the benefits of the good ol' watermelon fruit and then some due to its manufacteuring process. We're highlighted a few below.
  • It's a cold pressed juice, which means you get a lot more nutrients that are otherwise lost through regular juicing or heating methods.
  • Packed with 92 percent water, a brimful of electrolytes—vitamins A, B & C—and minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorous, copper and manganese), this potent solution is great for those who work out. It prevents exercise fatigue, muscles cramps (both before and after) and dehydration.
  • The juice has no added sugars and the base fruit is naturally low-cal so you're getting a great energy drink that's as untainted as it can get. 
  • It claims to instantly energize you by improving your mitrochondrial function; the next time you're in a slump, try WTRMLN WTR instead of coffee and let us know if it worked.
  • WTRMLN WTR is recommended for those with cardiac problems or poor bone health because the L-citrulline, an amino acid, and lycopene, a carotenoid phytonutrient help fight the ill-effects of these conditions.
  • A vasodilator, much like Viagra, WTRMLN WTR also claims to improve your libido.
While all these benefits, as stated by the brand, seemed to have worked their charm on A-listers who truly beleive the drink delivers, the fact that WTRMLN WTR is made using melons that are perfectly good but not cosmetically appealing to look at makes the story that much more interesting. No to food wastage, yes to good health—a win-win, we say!

Is It For You?

Well, we think those who work out or lead physically active lives would certainly benefit from adding this to their grocery list, particularly during the summer. Also, the electrolyte refill and extreme hydration selling points are quite the hangover save, so this one's for you party people, too. Can you get the same nutrients with a regular drink, say, like coconut water? Sure you can. It's just about the convenience of a packaged, off-the-shelf product that ticks all the right boxes which is working for WTRML WTR.

For those curious to see how this compares to Vita Coco, another strong contender in the market, here's our first-hand tried-and-tested review. And, if you would just prefer to whip up your own fitness smoothie, here are five that will help you jumpstart your summer workouts. Cheers, people!

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