What If Your Baby Was Your Workout?

by Z Living Contributor
Who knew that the trick to having toned arms and a strong core was to have a toddler.

Okay, okay, it’s not that simple. You actually have to work out. 

But one super fit mom has found a way to do it while using her 19-month old as a dumbbell. She’s yet another fitspirational reminder that you don’t have to cancel your gym membership once you have a baby.

As she explained to People, “Everything was completely brand new after having Tucker. I suddenly had to figure out how to juggle my own health while taking care of a baby. With the lack of sleep, it was hard to find time or energy.” 

It was also hard for her to steal away to the gym because she didn’t want to miss a moment of his development. A solution soon emerged.

“One day I picked him up and did lunges and squats and he laughed and giggled the whole time. It made my workout fun and enjoyable. Now it is a great bonding time for us.”

Keep at it, Mama! You rock!
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