5 Surprising Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Mental Health

Tue, Sep 19th 2017

Z Living Staff

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Z Living’s new show Yoga Girls takes viewers into the lives of West LA’s most well-known yoga personalities, and their stories shine a light on many valuable issues—most notably, how yoga can improve your mental health.

Yoga Girls premieres at 8 PM on Sunday, September 24th. Find out where you can tune in.

1. Practice & Meditation Will Calm Your Nerves

Have you ever spoken who just took a yoga class who says that they just feel better? It’s a fairly common reaction, and that’s because the practice and meditation calm your nerves. The stretching and breathing throughout represent a relaxation technique as well as a workout, and then the end-of-class meditation gives you a real chance to let the day’s stresses go.

2. Yoga Has Become A Social Experience

Friends and socializing can be important pieces to maintaining strong mental health. By doing yoga regularly, and taking classes, you’ll give yourself more opportunities to make friends and connections in the community. Additionally, if you track your progress on social media, the support of friends and followers can also boost your confidence.

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3. Exercise Releases Endorphins

Like all other types of exercises, the practice of yoga releases endorphins, which make you happy. If you’re ever looking for a natural way to boost your confidence and feel better, releasing endorphins through exercise is one of the best ways to go about it.

4. Yoga Can Help With Addiction Recovery

One of the main figures on the show, Vytas Baskauskas actually found yoga as a means to help him get off the streets. An addict, Baskauskas struggled with heroin earlier in his life, and eventually got clean—using yoga to help with the recovery process. Obviously, this is a sign of the discipline and mental strength practicing yoga can help you attain.

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5. It Can Boost Your Confidence

Lastly, yoga is filled with new steps, challenges, and victories. As you’re constantly pushing yourself to make it through another class, or master a new pose, or make a new connection in the community, you’re giving yourself more and more opportunities to test your own strength, and build your own confidence. This can help your overall mental health and other areas of your life greatly.


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