Meet The Yoga Girls: Jackie Smyth

Wed, Sep 13th 2017

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Z Living’s new original series Yoga Girls features the leading personalities in West LA’s yoga scene, and Jackie Smyth’s story is one of the show’s most unique. A single mother, she teaches classes and helms an up-and-coming wellness brand, all while drama from her ex Vytas and his latest romance with cast member Caley Joyner seems to follow her.

Yoga Girls premieres at 8 PM on Sunday, September 24thFind out where you can tune in.

Who is Jackie Smyth?

Jackie Smyth is a devoted single mother of a boy named Asa, and she’s raising him while following her own dreams. Fellow cast member Vytas Baskauskas is Asa’s father, and he has a pretty strong presence in the West LA yoga scene. Smyth is often challenged with moments like in the above video, where she’s reduced to being known as Vytas’ baby mama, rather than a strong, independent yogi and mother.

What is Jackie Smyth Up To? 

Jackie Smyth is growing her name and her brand with Sisterhood Of The Traveling Mats, a well-curated publication that focuses on self-love and wellness. In addition to a ton of articles about spiritual and mental wellness, the Sisterhood is also a gateway to weekly inspirational emails, life-coaching lessons with Jackie, and special events and retreats with Jackie.

Jackie Smyth Instagram Spotlight

Striking an inspiring pose, Jackie Smyth shines in this Instagram with her sensational form and thought-provoking caption. Smyth and her brand are great at helping you bring perspective to your practice and your life.

Check out Jackie Smyth’s Instagram for more posts like this, and follow more of her story on her Facebook and Twitterpages.

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