Meeting The Yoga Girls: Koya Webb

Fri, Sep 8th 2017

Z Living Staff

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Z Living’s new original series Yoga Girls features the leading yogis of West LA’s world-renowned yoga scene, and Koya Webb is one of the most inspiring characters. You may know Webb from her widely followed social media accounts, which highlight her many achievements as an International Holistic Health Coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and wellness role model.

Yoga Girls premieres at 8 PM on Sunday, September 24thFind out where you can tune in.

Who Is Koya Webb? 

Koya Webb’s life hit a turning point when a college injury sidelined her track-and-field dreams. Taking up yoga as a restorative practice following, she fell in love and hasn’t looked back since. She has since put over a decade of holistic studies under her belt, gaining certifications in Ashtanga, Rayoka, SUP, AcroVinyasa, and many more variations of yoga and other fitness practices.

What’s She Up To Now?

Today, Koya Webb is an internationally renowned celebrity holistic health coach and yoga instructor. She teaches classes in West LA, hosts events for the yoga community, and helps sell products like holistic health apps, yoga DVDs, online class subscriptions and more. Her brand also features a comprehensive blog posting about mindful and fun ways to travel, be spiritual, eat, and practice yoga.

Koya Webb Instagram Spotlight 

This post cuts to the core of Koya Webb’s comprehensive brand. Exposing a difficult pose with a partner in the image, she then leaves us with some deep, philosophical insights into the importance of connecting to people. All part of her #GetLovedUp challenge, the post is about self-love, growth, and of course yoga.

Check out Koya Webb’s Instagram for more posts like this. You can also check out Webb’s FacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages for more of her positive energy and great advice.

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