Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga For Weight Loss

Wed, Nov 5th 2014

Team ZLiving

Yoga for losing weight is not necessarily the quickest form of weight loss. However, it can help reduce stress, and increased stress has been linked to weight gain.

Healing QA: One Easy Step To Start Healing Naturally

Thu, Oct 30th 2014

Yogi Cameron

Q: I don’t like being pushed so many pills by doctors (with side effects like depression and more sickness), but it feels like all the natural alternatives are much more expensive. How can a regular person plan on using natural health to help them live a long life and...

Learn To Breathe Properly For Your Health’s Sake!

Tue, Oct 28th 2014

Team ZLiving

Our lungs have the capacity to take in about four litres of air in each breath. The modern lifestyle has turned us into veritable couch potatoes that barely take half a litre of air per breath. That is only one-eighth of the requirement. Our diaphragm barely moves if...

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