4 Yoga Exercises To Try At Home

Yoga brings excellent health benefits for the body, including a faster metabolism and regular blood sugar levels, as well as keeping you physically and mentally fit. While we try to keep up with regular yoga classes, sometimes all we want to do is stay at home and skip the drive or walk to yoga class.

The great thing about yoga, however, is that you don’t have to leave your yoga practice behind just because you’re not in the mood to leave the house. Instead, you can bring your practice to your home. Enjoy the benefits of yoga without ever having to leave out your front door.

4 Ways to Practice Yoga At Home

It’s time to clear out some space to enjoy a personalized yoga class right in your living room. Whether you practice with the TV on or feel like having a group of girls over, fitting in a little yoga session will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

1. Hip Bridges

For this exercise, you will have to lay on your back. With arms on either side of your hips, bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the mat. Lift your hips towards the ceiling and bring them back down slowly.

Let your hips lower down as low as you can without touching the mat and bring them back up again. If you are looking to add some strength-training in, you have the option to add in a set of dumbbells.

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, use your arms to raise the dumbbells over your head as your lift and bring them back down as you lower your hips.

Perform this exercise for 60 seconds.

2. Squats and Leg Raises

Keep your feet hip-width distance apart and hold a set of dumbbells in between the palms of your hands. Take a basic squat and go down as low as you can.

Pause for a few seconds, and as you come back up to starting position, start to raise your right leg towards the right wall as high as you can. Stand back into standing position and repeat the squatting exercise using your left leg.

Repeat squatting exercise for 60 seconds.

3. Tree Pose

This pose will test your balance and improve your strength. Stand up straight with your hands beside your hips. Starting with the right leg, bend your right knee outwards and lift your right ankle towards your upper left thigh.

Place your right ankle against the upper left thigh or as high as you can above the left knee. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, balancing all your weight on your left leg, then repeat this pose using the opposite leg.

4. Downward Dog

Start in tabletop position and move into high plank, pausing for 1 second. Keep your arms stretched and continue to lift your hips up high towards the ceiling to complete your stretch.

If you want to add a little challenge to this pose, slowly lift your heels as high as you can, pause for 2 seconds, and bring them down as low as you can to the mat, followed by pausing for another 2 seconds.

Downward-facing dog is not only a great way to get a stretch in, but it will also keep your legs strong and help you release tension from the body.

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