“I consider myself a yoga buddy. After all, there is nothing particularly earth shattering or groundbreaking that I am doing with Kate Beckinsale, other than showing up, being a listening ear, and lending a helping hand. You can be that for someone too, as well as ask a buddy to be that for you.

Life is all about relationships. Relationships with humans, with our bodies, with ideas, and so forth. In a way, the word ‘yoga’ means ‘relationship’. Yoga is the union and relatedness of two opposing forces—light and dark, masculine and feminine, strength and vulnerability.

It is a constant dance of opposites emoted in the physical form. What better way to explore this dance than finding your body in relationship to another being’s experience of the body?

PS: If you are trying this at home, all you need is a buddy, the willingness to explore, and a sense of humor.

Seated Twist

Step 1: Begin in a seated cross-legged position, facing one another. Smile at your partner for a moment.
Step 2: Take a deep breath and extend your breast bone away from the sacrum, as each buddy twists to the right, while reaching the right arm behind your back to hold your partners left hand.
Step 3: Just as you would in a regular twist, take an inhale to lengthen your spine; exhale, twist and wring out your spine. After 3-5 breaths, unwind and repeat on the other side.

The twists are intense and detoxify the body, so this should be done after a warm up. Rest in Shavasana beside each other afterwards.

Two Chairs

Step 1: Stand back to back and link elbows.
Step 2: Press against your partner’s back and walk your feet forward, while keeping the sacrum and spine touching each other, until you are in a 90 degree seated position.
Step 3: Hold for 5 breaths, and feel the dynamic energy when you are pressing against the other and breathing.

Assisted Butterfly, Or Cobbler Pose

Step 1: One person sits with a straight spine and soles of the feet together, while the knees fan open.
Step 2: Inhale, and while gripping the feet, lengthen the spine and fold forward.
Step 3: After several breaths, the assistant may gently press on the inner thighs. Maintain communication to make sure the assisted feels in control of the pressure.
Step 4: Release and switch partners. Give and receive.”

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