Enviably trim and toned, Lady Gaga’s fitness routine, like all other things, is something out of the ordinary. The singer relies on some pretty advanced asanas, all done aboard a paddleboard to take her yoga practice to the next level.

This contemporary spin on a tried-and-tested exercising method is part of the many new-age workouts that are trying to revolutionize and re-position yoga as you’ve known it. 

Origin: While yoga was developed in India, paddleboarding took form in Hawaii. They found common ground when they combined hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga with a surfboard.

Muscle Tone: Paddleboarding yoga is practiced on sand or in a swimming pool, where you have to learn to maintain stability by engaging your core and focusing on your mid-section. Needless to say, this one’s great for sculpting the abs.

Weight Loss: The balancing feat can burn a staggering 800-1,000 calories per hour. Recreational paddleboarding, which is paddling as you stand on the board, can make you lose 225-500 calories in 60 minutes. How you do it is what makes all the difference.


Challenge: To put it dramatically, it is like trying to balance a bridge hanging by a chain between two cliffs. Your aim is to not fall over, albeit with the additional pressure of maintaining form, breathing techniques, and perfect posturing in order to nail those yoga moves.

Mental Health: Balancing acts increase your concentration, heighten your reflexes, and train you to focus. Yoga on the other hand makes you focus on breathing primarily, which calms your nerves and soothes the mind.

Sure it is challenging, and you will make a big splash the first couple of times; but then again, paddleboarding yoga delivers what it promises, so seriously consider this if being in and around water piques your interest.

Image Courtesy: Lady Gaga/Instagram 

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