Combinations of traditional yoga with unique heart pumping-body shaping disciplines are gaining immense popularity among fitness enthusiasts.

Who says the old and the new cant mingle and co-exist? Hybrid yoga practices maximize the number of calories we burn, keep us interested, and most importantly, challenge our bodies like never before.

Here’s how you can get on board:

This deadly combination of kickboxing and yoga takes you to the next level. Static standing yoga postures are transformed to demanding pulses to keep your heart rate elevated. These are then synced with punches, isometric movements and plyometrics, all set to hardcore heart thumping music.

This fusion was created by Jon Koga back in 2001 and continues to thrive in Long Island, NY. The best part about the program is that each class is different from the other. So what does that mean? Muscle confusion is produced, never allowing one to plateau.

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Sup Yoga
Another uber-cool hybrid yoga workout based in Lake Michigan, Chicago is called Sup Yoga or Supyo. Sup Yoga combines traditional yoga with stand-up paddle-boarding. Paddling to and fro enhances the shape and deepens the strength in your abdomen, deltoids, and triceps.

And when engaging in postures on a moving mat, you are constantly being tested on your balance and core strength. Last but not least, the intense healing properties of water work to your advantage.

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With these practices, all your notions of yoga being low-key, somber, and let’s be honest, boring will be nullified. Practicing yoga has its fair share of benefits, and now you have no excuse to not give it a shot. Take a deep breath, and let’s get started.

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