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Supermodels have revolutionized fitness, what with their stunning physiques, inimitable proportions, and impeccable genes that seem to do them a lot of favors. You can’t get through a day without spotting one making headlines for a new workout routine, healthy breakfast choices, or successful fitness ventures.

A quick round-up of the first quarter has brought to light Karlie Kloss’ new-found love for running, Gigi Hadid’s impeccable boxing form, and Alessandra Ambrosio’s gym workout to tone those pins to perfection. This brings us to Miranda Kerr, the former Victoria’s Secret model, who you would never believe has a two-year-old son.

Currently in Seoul, Kerr posted a snapshot captioned: Yoga in Seoul with @reebokkorea #skyscape. We know the model indulges in some hiking, bike riding and mini-trampoline workouts, but she goes on to say, “My yoga practice really helps with jet lag”, in an interview with BodyAndSoul.com. In fact, she has been practicing hatha and kundalini yoga for 15 years now, and like Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell of Game Of Thrones), believes it is invaluable on long-haul flights.


Yoga To Beat Jet Lag & Stay Active
Kundalini yoga is a combination of breathing, meditation, chants and physical exercise. It is about getting in touch with your inner energy. On the other hand, hatha yoga includes intense physical asanas or poses, which aim to align the skin, muscle and bones. This form of yoga opens up your body to accept energy and let it flow through and through.

In unison, the two schools of yoga work wonderfully to ease the signs of jet lag and restore your energy levels. They help you flex your muscles, indulge in some light stretching, stimulate blood flow, and have a calming effect on you. “Hatha yoga has lots of restorative postures, like inversions, which are good to do post-flight. Kundalini works on a more energetic level. With Kundalini, you can use different types of breaths, like the ‘Breath of Fire’, to awaken the body,” says Kerr.

And as we’ve always known, surya namaskar is the ultimate yoga move to get in a full-body workout, and Miranda is obviously privy to the information. “Even if I just find 10 minutes to do a few sun salutations, that helps me to re-energise and stay balanced,” she says.

But don’t picture her in a tranquil setup, meditating and trying to find her zen all the time, just yet. The supermodel has a grueling workout schedule on regular days; one that is extremely hard to keep up with. Think running, Pilates, resistance training, planks, bike riding, hiking—she does it all.

Image Courtesy: Miranda Kerr/InstagramSource: Bodyandsoul.com

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