Anyone new to exercise, coming from a long break in physical activity, or suffering from any injuries/joint pain should clearly avoid such a class.
After the soaring temperatures employed in Bikram Yoga created a controversy, Infrared Yoga has folks interested with its moderated environment.
Improve joint flexibility, prevent soreness or muscle pulls, and regulate blood circulation with yoga asanas that are ideal for a 15 minute cool down session.
Just by doing certain asanas from the practice, you can get the average Joe body, while still being a healthy weight and not spending hours at the gym.
Try these yoga asanas for 30 days, and you will notice a reduction in the visibility of fine lines, toned skin and body, and an increase in stamina like never before.
Following proper hygiene is very pertinent, especially when practicing yoga in a group setting. To prevent the festering of germs, here are some things to keep in mind.
It is the ideal way to stir up your body into alertness by increasing the flow of blood to all our muscles, and enhancing circulation. With that in mind, here’s a warm-up routine to help you kick-start your practice.
As promised to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Russian President is keen to give the meditative practice a chance to enhance his fitness levels.
The last four years have seen the implementation of yoga asanas in the training routines of the soldiers for their Physical Readiness Test. Here's how you too can workout like them.
Designed by Diamond Dallas Page, an ex-pro wrestler, we get an expert to tell us if this yoga DVD program for men is worth all the fuss.