Anyone who's tried yoga before will tell you that striking and holding a pose is far from easy. So what kind of sense does it make to crank the heat up to 100 degrees? Those sweaty yoga addicts are doing it for a reason — hot yoga, when practiced correctly, has a long list of health and wellness benefits.
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For the new, the experienced, and even the ones who are still finding their feet, there are some golden rules that all yogis and yoginis must follow, in order to make the most of their routine.
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Once you remember the sequence and get familiar with the steps, this 20-minute yoga routine is enough to supercharge you, tone your body, and help you lose some weight, too.
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This routine can help one decrease the amount of sugar in the blood, along with eliminating all the usual symptoms such as fat accumulation around the waist, stress, high blood pressure, liver and kidney complications, and high cholesterol.
Anyone new to exercise, coming from a long break in physical activity, or suffering from any injuries/joint pain should clearly avoid such a class.