Love, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll have for long been the subject of many music tracks. And now, Janelle Monáe has plugged in Yoga, to create a catchy video set to a music piece that wants you to bend over and get that booty shaking. Featuring Jidenna, the song, though odd at first, can get stuck in your head for hours once you’ve given it an earful.

And if you think about it, music has always been about being current and yoga is indeed, an integral part of pop culture, what with Adam Levine, Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Aniston and Robert Downey Jr partaking in the practice.

Use it to last forever, dance all night, work those sexy moves and get that body moving, Monáe pretty much romanticizes yoga, and yet somehow manages to pass it off as a commercial track that’s trending on YouTube and is right up there. With that said, we won’t be surprised if this song becomes a favorite at fitness studios this summer.

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