Yoga for children

Teach your children yoga when they are young, and they’ll be healthier as adults. A good children’s class will introduce them to what may well become a powerful lifetime practice.

Yoga For Kids: Benefits, Do’s, and Don’ts

The immediate body-mind health benefits of children’s yoga are many (see below). And the following Dos and Don’ts will help you choose the best yoga class for your child.

Benefits of kids’ yoga: A good yoga class offers a child many benefits, including:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Self-control
  • Self-confidence
  • A positive peer experience

Kids’ yoga dos: The following tips can help you choose the best yoga class for your child. Keep an eye out for instructors with sensitivity to the following guidelines:

  • The instructor should demonstrate the pose first before children attempt it.
  • Children should be taught to breathe through the nose during practice unless instructed otherwise.
  • Each yoga exercise should be followed by a few deep breaths.
  • Children should lie down and relax for a few moments after difficult exercises.
  • Yoga for children should be fun!

Kids’ yoga don’ts

  • Don’t talk too much. The conversation should be kept to a minimum so children can concentrate.
  • Don’t overpraise. Children’s focus should be inward, not on a need to impress.
  • Don’t push too hard. Remember, you are planting seeds.

One step further: To further develop your child’s inner strength and awareness, you may want to also teach them some basic breathing exercises and simple meditation. Children love them, and adults love watching their children learn life skills that aren’t usually taught in school.

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