Comfort and versatility are the things to look for in all clothing. But, with the rise of fashionable and functional active wear that can be taken from day-to-night, even celebrities are cashing in on the trend with their very own fitness apparel collections.

While we’re not big fans of stepping out in yoga pants to run errands or catch a flight, if you are in fact attending a class, here are some dos and don’ts to remember:

How To Work Them Sweats

  • Layer up and accessorize, but not by way of jewelry. Pair your yoga pants with over-sized flowing blouses, layered tanks, and light cardigans for when you step out of the gym. Finish the look with large bags, hats, wrist (sweat) bands, and hairbands in Spring-Summer. During the winters, try some over-sized sweaters/hoodies, long coats, leg warmers, and boots and Uggs for when you get out.
  • Wear a pair that is exactly your size. People tend to go smaller, assuming they will stretch out, but the truth is, a quality pair of yoga pants would never! Besides, the right size helps conceal flaws like thigh dimples, saddlebags, and fat rolls. They will contain your dignity when you’re bending backward during the session.
  • Please make sure your pants are opaque. A lot of people are caught off-guard with their booty and thighs exposed under the sunlight and flashlights.
  • Showing off your panty line is not a fashion statement. Wear appropriate undergarments like thongs; seamless panties work well too, for those who want more coverage.
  • Wash as instructed on the label. When in doubt, just turn them inside out and hand wash. The better you care for them, the longer they will last.


It’s Time To Take Out The Trash

  • Never buy cheap yoga pants, even if they are on sale. It is important that the fabric and quality of your pants are good so that they fit well, last longer, and hold you in thoroughly.
  • Do not buy nude colored yoga pants. They are extremely inappropriate and suggestive.
  • Do not wear yoga pants that are too short or long in length. You could either end up looking like a sweeper, or have raggedy ends that are just plain unhygienic.
  • Do not keep wearing your favorite yoga pants when the elastic in the waist band wears out. The fit and look are dead at this point, and you will spend more time self-consciously holding them up than striking that pose.
  • Don’t share yoga pants; or for that matter, don’t share active wear, period. Your workout gear is fitted and stretched out to your specific body. It’s also as intimate as lingerie, for it sits close to your body while you perspire and emit odor, as the active wear contains your dignity and crevices. This is strictly a no-share zone.

To bring these tips full-circle, we also help you find the right fit for your active wear, and explain the wear, tear and care of sports bras. It’s time to soldier on!

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