The Most Popular Diets For Practicing Yogis

Thu, Sep 21st 2017

Z Living Staff

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In anticipation of our new series Yoga Girlswe’ve been thinking a lot about how yoga is a culture, which lead us to wonder what the most popular diets for practicing yoga are. Looking to the latest trends in the worlds of healthy eating and yoga, we picked out diets utilized by our own yoga girls, and other notable figures.

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The Vegan Diet

Popular amongst yogis, and often associated with the scene, the vegan diet is one of the most effective diets for yoga out there. Vegan diets and vegan recipes avoid the use of meat as well as all animal-based and animal-derived ingredients. It’s a lifestyle choice with both political and nutritional values.

The Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet

In a similar vein, the whole-food, plant-based diet is another popular diet for people practicing yoga. A diet that focuses on eating whole, unrefined plants and avoiding things like getting heart disease from eating red meat. Since yoga restorative and cleansing, it’s common for yogis to rid toxic ingredients from their diet, to make the most of their practice.

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Juice Cleanses

It’s not uncommon for yoga studios to sell locally produced juices, especially healthy contemporary styles like cold pressed. Juice is a delicious way to get nutrients, and an easy filler while you’re on the go from class to work, or vice versa. For this reason, a lot of yogis tend to take on juice cleanses at different periods throughout a year.


Additionally, juice cleanses are form of detox, which is another popular form of dieting in the yoga community. Detoxes range from a ton of different things, to swearing off meat, cold foods, booze, or another of other things for a certain period of time.

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Intermittent Fasting 

A lot of contemporary yogis are early adopters of health trends, and intermittent fasting falls into that category. The concept of the popular diet for yoga consists of eating normally some days of the week and the cutting way back on calorie intake on other days. Be sure to consult a professional before delving into this one, as it can be dangerous if not done responsibly.


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