Blueberries: This delicious fruit helps you lose weight by breaking down the sugar and fat components in your body. In fact, using blueberries as snacks in between meals can reduce your consumption by 1,000 calories per week. They curb hunger pangs and help you feel full for longer periods of time.

Prediabetes means that you have a blood sugar level higher than normal, almost at the fringe of entering the territory of diabetes. This not only increases your chances chances of acquiring diabetes but also raises your risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Fortunately, this is just a warning bell. Including a few of these foods in your daily diet will help you keep diabetes and other related health problems at bay.

1. Cinnamon: Rich in antioxidants, this aromatic spice activate essential enzymes in the body, which are reported to control blood sugar hikes and improve insulin response. Here’s how to include cinnamon in your daily diet.
How Much? Just half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day.

2. Kiwi Fruit: With high amounts of fiber and fructose, kiwi fruit has a very low glycemic index (53) which makes it fit for a prediabetes diet. It contains inositol, a compound that is important to keep blood sugar levels in check. Besides that, it prevents obesity and risk of heart-diseases, which are common side-effects of diabetes. Counteract the effects of eating too much sugar with green tea, apple & kiwi canton or try this kiwi detox drink.
How Much? You can have 2 kiwi fruits a day.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar: It has been found to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates into the blood, or slow the breakdown of starches into sugars. Mix 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar in half a glass of water and drink it after meals to improve insulin sensitivity. Drinking this mixture before going to bed can help in keeping blood sugar level in check. You can add chickweed leaves to apple cider vinegar to create this delicious concoction.
How Much? It is recommended to have 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily.

4. Blueberries: Anthocyanin, a natural chemical found in berries helps regulate the blood glucose levels in the body. Blueberries, in particular, are packed with fiber, antioxidants and vitamins essential for treating prediabetes. They have been shown to improve sensitivity even when paired with a high carb diet. Enjoy blueberries with yogurt.
How Much? Eat no more than one cup of blueberries a day.

5. Brown Rice: Studies show that unlike white rice, which increases the risk of developing diabetes, brown rice is an unrefined/unpolished variety of rice with its bran covering that is high in fiber and nutrients, and helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels. In addition, it reduces blood vessel damage and promotes weight loss, conditions often associated with diabetes.  Learn how to cook brown rice. Fry your rice with ginger for an added punch of health.
How Much? Include a serving of a third of a cup of brown rice, two to three times a week.

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