5 Essential Hacks Every Coffee Lover Needs To Know

by Vanessa Luis

A hot cup of joe, full of aroma, can keep you up and going on any given day. Coffee, when had in moderation, has several health benefits; studies have shown that it supports your brain health and its antioxidants help maintain cellular activity.

If you love coffee, here are some amazing hacks you ought to try out.

1. Use Butter Instead Of Milk Or Cream
The hot trend of adding butter to coffee was discovered by Dave Asprey, who claims that doing so will not only make your coffee an energy-packed drink, but could also help you lose weight. We’re not sure about the weight loss bit, but one thing’s certain: if you’re using butter, opt for the unsalted, grass-fed variety to jazz up your coffee.

2. Enjoy Your Latte Without Worrying About The Calories
If you must add milk to your coffee, opt for non-dairy milk like unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened soy milk. These contain way more calcium than regular milk, and fewer calories. Now that’s clever.

3. Say ‘Bye’ To Sugar With These Substitutes
You could use a cup of coffee every few hours or so, but what about the heaps of sugar that get added with every cup? Too much sugar is nothing but bad news. Substitute it with a dash of cinnamon for an earthy flavor (mmm!) and a touch of good health. Here are some other alternatives to sugar for your coffee.

4. Be Smart About Your French Press
Using a French Press to brew your coffee gives you better results and a deeper flavor. But be wary of bleached filter paper, as it’s usually processed with a chemical dioxin that can be toxic. Speaking of making your own brew, did you know that your coffee pot can prepare so much more than just coffee?

5. Recycle Used Coffee Grounds
A true coffee lover will never waste a single component of coffee. If you’re left with loads of coffee grounds, don’t toss them away. Use them to deodorize your garbage, to neutralize the odor. Here are a few more ways to use recycled coffee grounds.

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