5 Healthy Pre-Cooked Meal Ideas For A Busy Week

by Debolina Raja

We have five ideas that will reduce your cooking workload, and give you the healthy home-cooked meal you've been craving. We don't expect you to get your chef's hat on. All you have to do is freeze-unfreeze and you're done. Yes, it really is that simple.

Here are five recipes for your very own stock of frozen dinners that make a great option for the office:

Quick And Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

Add all your favorite vegetables in a large pan of water and boil till tender. Next, add your choice of seasonings: vinegar, soy, garlic, ginger, celery, pepper and salt maybe some sugar. Add chicken and chicken broth and cook till its tender. Remove from the soup and shred the meat. Add noodles and chicken, along with a bit of lemon juice, and cook till the noodles are cooked.

The best part about this recipe is that you can freeze it for up to two months! But, here's the trickfreeze this up in tiny containers so that you can just microwave it and eat.

Sweet Potato Burritos

Prepare a stuffing of sweet potatoes and beans with your choice of seasoning. You can add cayenne pepper, mustard and such to add a zing to the sweetness of the potato. Add them in tortillas and layer with cheese. Bake till it is all warm and the cheese melts. You can freeze them individually and heat separately when you're ready to eat them.

Lunch Wrap

Prepare a stuffing of rice, vegetables, corn and green chilies and add in tortilla wraps. Place each wrap in individual freezer bags and freeze. Carry it to work and heat up, or eat at home.

Ham Sandwich

Cook the ham with beer or a cola drink in a slow cooker for about ten hours. This will make sure the meat is succulent and perfect for sandwiches or even omelets. Remove from heat, let it cool and shred it. The meat will most likely be falling off the bone. In a pot, add the shredded bits of ham, some mustard, apple juice and some brown sugar (optional) and let it heat up. Make sure the mixture reduces so you have a bit of gravy that enough to soak into the bread, but now drown it so it falls apart. Then, simply place the ham between dinner rolls, store in the freezer and bake or heat it up in the microwave before eating.

Easy Turkey Loaf

Mix turkey slices (cut), salsa, eggs, red and yellow bell pepper, bread crumbs, lemon pepper, and onion to make dough. Roll it into a loaf and freeze. De-freeze and bake for about half an hour in a pre-heated oven when you want to eat.

We understand that you may not have the time to cook up a storm every night. These pre-cooked meals are perfect when you need to rush out to an early meeting, or don't think you'll be home in time to cook an entire meal from scratch. 

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