Here's 5 Delicious Reasons You Can't Miss Our New Show 'Hemsley + Hemsley'

by Michelle Seekamp

Ever wanted to have every meal you make be an Instagrammable masterpiece — yet be healthy, nutritious, and tasty to boot? Foodie sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley of Z Living's newest and most mouth-watering show Hemsley + Hemsley have you covered. Hemsley + Hemsley premieres on January 30 at 9PM. Find out where to watch the show.

The new show features the delicious and nutrient-dense recipes of the Hemsley siblings, a London-based duo who made their mark in Britain with healthy, wholesome, easy-to-make dishes that utilize fresh ingredients. Z Living is the first network to bring the award-winning show across the pond to the U.S.

Hungry to watch yet? Here's five big reasons to tune-in: 

1. These Ladies Are Fun.

This is a show about more than just being healthy, it's also about being happy and finding the joy in both cooking and enjoying nutritious, delicious recipes. The Hemsley sisters enjoy living a healthy lifestyle focused on indulgence instead of deprivation, and they'll show you how to do the same.

2. These Sisters Have Style. 

Not only do our hosts offer up delicious recipes that are easy to make on your own, but they'll show you how living a healthy lifestyle can be stylish, not boring. Using beautiful cookware, lovely serving dishes, and putting together a dinner party that is as fun as it is healthy, this show offers a whole new set of tricks for making your meals look as good as they taste.

3. Follow Along, And You'll Want To Cook Something Fresh.

If you're tired of the same old kale, quinoa, and chia seed pudding recipes, you're in luck. The Hemsley sisters cook up meals that are anything but the same old recipes. Their decidedly European perspective offers some fresh new ideas to brighten up your healthy meal plan. From rich stews and roasts to fresh salads and dips, you'll certainly find some great new dishes to add to your repertoire. 

4. These Two Will Teach You To Become A Better Food Shopper.

The Hemsley sisters give you a front row seat to every step of their shopping and cooking process. Whether it's a trip to a local butcher shop, a rooftop urban garden, or showing you how to take your healthy lifestyle out for a night on the town, you'll gain a whole new appreciation for all that goes into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

5. With The Hemsleys, You'll Discover A Deeper Sense of Wellness.

These two absolutely glow, thanks in large part to their unique take on healthy eating and living. Their upbeat energy is contagious and makes a great case for following the healthy eating style they advocate. It's not about restricting, dieting, or cutting carbs to be a certain size or weight, it's about feeling good inside and out. 

Tune in for the premiere of Hemsley + Hemsley January 30 at 9 PM, and every Monday at 9 PM. Don't yet get Z Living from your provider? Watch it now by signing up for Z Living GO, where you can watch all the episodes plus live TV — you'll get a free 30-day trial.  

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