7 Delicious Brekkie Ideas For Your Valentine

by Simona Terron

The day has finally arrived, not just any day but THE day, the one that lovers have been mooning about for decades and which some folks look forward to more than Christmas. Valentine’s Day has got a bad rep over the years for excessive commercialization of romance and for perhaps becoming a tad too much of a mush-fest. But as Miss Taylor Swift said it so eloquently, “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate.”

So forget about all the baggage and focus instead on how this day presents the perfect opportunity  to make your someone special feel like the number one person on the planet (or in your world at least, anyway). And what better way to start the day than with brekkie in bed?

This Valentine’s Day, why not begin with feeding your beloved a breakfast fit for a King (or Queen, as the case may be)? Here’s how to pull out all the stops to sweep them off their feet, tempt them to never want to leave the bedroom (they might be more inclined to thank you between the sheets) and energize them with lovingly prepared bites that’ll have them wishing every day was like this.

The Set Up:

  1. Find a good, foldable breakfast tray/table that can support the weight of all the goodies you’re going to pile on it.
  2. Choose simple but pretty napkins and tableware and try to select them all based on some theme. Either pick delicate florals, something graphic, or even borrow your kids’ Disney cartoon character covered dishes. The setting is almost as important as the actual food.
  3. Pay attention to the plating. Even a simple bagel and cup of coffee can be elevated to art by simply slicing the bagel in half. Try topping one of the halves with a dab of vividly-hued grape jelly and the other with a sliver of smoked salmon and a tiny dollop of cream cheese. The two options, one sweet and the other savory, will be welcomed by your hungry lover. And that cuppa coffee? Just slip a skinny stick of cinnamon as a stirrer for a mini flourish and watch how well it goes down.
  4. Arrange a small single-stem vase with a delicate rosebud or your partner’s fave flower as a sweet touch. Forgot to get flowers? Stick a gaily-colored pinwheel or go crazy and slip a Slim Jim in there. Something for them to laugh about now but then chew on later…

The Recipes:

1. Almond Pancakes With Blueberry-Lemon Glaze: This can be a quick and cool way to take a traditional breakfast staple and adapt it to suit your sweetie if they’re lactose intolerant. The almond milk lends a nice nutty flavor and makes it easy to digest as well.

2. Cranberry-Sunflower Muesli: A nice mix of textures and flavors, this blend of softened grains, nuts, and dried fruit go so well with yogurt. It’s easy to forget that it has tons of antioxidants and vitamins, so it’s also good for health.

3. Breakfast Tea Latte: The perfect combination of tea and steamed milk, wake up your dearest with a generous serving of this fluffy and foamy delight.

4. Sunflower Seed & Apple Salad: Everyone loves munching on sunflower seeds and few people can resist a juicy apple. Just pair the two in this delicious and light salad, and watch as your partner gives in to temptation.

5. Blueberry Breakfast Booster: Whizzing together just three ingredients in a blender means you need no more than a couple of minutes to prepare this tasty liquid meal. Use the time you save, wisely, and show your darling what to do with all that energy they are now filled with.

6. Corned Beef Breakfast Hash: Sometimes you just need to sink your teeth into a substantial hunk of high-protein goodness, and this corned beef hash is great for just that. A fab way to begin this special day, this meal will keep you full for longer. Which means you can pay attention to what really matters (like pampering your partner) instead of worrying about what to eat later.

7. Vegan Breakfast Burrito: This wrap is a meal in itself and chock full of protein that’ll give your sweetheart all the energy they need for a grateful, late-morning romp with you.

Making breakfast for your beloved is not a genius move and yet, it has the power to fuel so much affection, appreciation and if done just right, a fair bit of lust. Show me someone, anyone who couldn’t do with more of those three things, and I’ll show you someone who’s going hungry this Valentine’s Day.

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