Add More Flavor To Your Soups With Seasoning & Garnishes

by Shruti Shukla

Healthy and hearty, soups are a great way to easily get loads of nutrients. Garnishing adds that extra punch to this already yummy and delicious comfort food. Here are some great flavors that will boost the nutrition and taste of your soup:

1. Yogurt: Ditch the fattening store-bought creams and let the sour power of yogurt give your soup a delicious, creamy flavor.

2. Mushrooms: Just a few of these fibrous stems will add a lovely earthy taste to your soups.

3. Thyme: This woody herb infuses a refreshing minty flavor to the soup. You can just toss it in your soup while it's cooking.

4. Roasted Garlic: For a stronger aromatic soup, add roasted garlic while cooking. You can roast and freeze them and use them later as well.

5. Bay Leaves: Stir in these leaves in your soup and let it simmer for a while. Your soup will have a fresh and mild tea-like aroma. Adding it at the beginning of the cooking process will give the dish a strong menthol-like taste that could be overpowering.

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