Andrea Beaman Shows You The Value Of Eating Organic

by vanessa

Healthy eating does not only mean opting for nutritional and low-cal foods alone, you have to “wise up” when it comes to food safety too.

In one of the recent episodes of Andrea Beaman’s Wise Up, she takes you through an organic journey, where she shows you the value of eating organic.

It’s no revelation that most of the food grown commercially today is sprayed with pesticides. But did you know that when you consume these foods, the pesticides get transferred to the body as well? Such infiltration could seriously harm your health. Some may argue that organic food is expensive, and is therefore not a convenient eating option. However, the outcomes of eating such pesticide-ridden food can be shocking; read more about it here.

Those apples that were supposed to keep the doctor away are loaded with substantial amounts of pesticide residue. Here are more such fruits and veggies that rank high in pesticide on the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) annual list of the “Dirty Dozen”.

Here are a few more reasons why you should go organic:
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  • Organic foods are deemed better for your health since they have been found to have higher levels of nutrients than non-organic versions, and are also free of potentially dangerous pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals that have been linked to medical issues like cancer, respiratory problems, and reproductive disorders.
  • Whether its fruits, vegetables, poultry or meat, be assured that these foods contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients. Fruits and veggies cannot be force-ripened either, so the food you eat is natural.
  • In addition, organic foods benefit the environment. In the case of non-organic farms, all the pesticides and fertilizer run-off sometimes end up in lakes and rivers, which can damage the ecosystems and contaminate water supplies.

For more tips on a healthier take on life, don’t forget to check out the latest episode of Wise Up! on Z Living channel, here.

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