VIDEO: Make This Z Avocado Kiwi Green Smoothie

by Z Living Foodie
Believe it or not, it's Week Five of #Smoothie Saturday. Through these past weekends together we've crafted enough blended delicious joy to help you healthfully fuel every step of  your weekday. Each smoothie recipe has  been uniquely different from the last, and designed to help you rethink your approach to crafting a smoothie, both nutritionally and best pleasing to your tastebuds. This week recipe, courtesy of Handy & Homemade, keeps with that faithful Z Living #Smoothie Saturday tradition.

It's time for the delectable Z Avocado Kiwi Green Smoothie. Yes, we said avocado. Our richly flavorful green friend, often used in salads and sandwiches, is not only a fruit it's a berry. And it gives this week's drink its thickness plus extra boost of antioxidants, proteins and potassium. So fully embrace adding this superfood to your smoothie. Filling out the recipe is spinach, OJ, kiwi and Greek yogurt for that tangy probiotic kick. Blend it  up for a lean, green transformative drink. Cheers! And see you again soon.


½ cup orange juice,

½ vanilla Greek yogurt,

½ avocado,

2 kiwis peeled

1 handful of baby spinach

Tips, Tricks & Accessories


Want to add chia seeds, flax seeds or oatmeal to this smoothie recipe or any of the others we've featured? Don't do it without using an Optiscoop. It's a clever scoop funnel that helps you avoid messes while giving your smoothie a flavorful boost. It allows you to measure out just the right amount of ingredients every time. And it's the accessory every smoothie master should have on the go and for their kitchen.

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