Bite-Sized Delights Made Using Just A Muffin Tray

by Simona Terron
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple and effective way to cook a large amount of food while moderating your portions? It turns out that you can by using a muffin tray!

Yes, you read it right, muffin trays are coming to the rescue of working moms, single dads, time-starved professionals, and folks who hate cooking more than once a week.

Make mini, single-serving versions of one-pot meals like lasagna, mac 'n' cheese, spaghetti carbonara, or meatloaf. Just pour or place scoops of these into muffin trays, and bake lightly so they hold their shape.

You can even play with combos like rice and beans, chili and mashed potatoes, bacon and eggs, and even desserts like cookies and cream.

There’s another way you can use muffin trays to make cute little treats. Just use things to line each of the hollows and then add a filling before you bake or freeze them. So choose from phyllo sheets, pancakes, crepes or omelets, bacon strips, or even buttered and diced bread for crouton cups. You could even make a spaghetti nest and pop the bolognaise in the center for a delightful mini-meal.

Freezing things like soup, stock, stews, or even noodle dishes like pho in muffin trays lets you save space in the freezer because you can simply pop out the frozen portions and store them in a plastic baggie together. When you need to use any of them, just remove how many you need and put the rest back for later.

Desserts are the easiest - all you need is a vivid imagination. For starters, just melt chocolate and throw in dried or fresh fruit, or both with some nuts and maybe even a dash of granola, and let chill in the fridge for a delish set of delights that travel well or look fab on a tray at a party. Frozen yogurt or mushy oatmeal frozen with berries and nuts also can make gorgeous Instagram-worthy creations.

Time to dust off that muffin tray and get to work; we promise you will never run out of either new ideas every day or even sincere requests from adoring fans.

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